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Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Initial Setup
  2. What platforms are supported by Virtual Sandtray?
  3. What hardware requirement is recommended for Virtual Sandtray when using an iPad?
  4. Will Virtual Sandtray run on older iPads?
  5. Will Virtual Sandtray run on older iPad Minis?
  6. What information does Virtual Sandtray collect while being used?
  7. What if there are models that I want to be included?
  8. I am using an iPad and have taken screenshots and video, but they are not showing up in my photos

Initial Setup

Initial install of the Virtual Sandtray application is demonstrated in the following video.

For security purposes, you will need to have at least one capital letter and one number in both username and password.  The email you provide will have to be valid for you to receive the confirmation.  If the email doesn't show up within a few minutes, check your spam folder.  If you still haven't received it, contact support@sandtrayplay.com for email help.


Virtual Sandtray is designed to run on recent versions of Apple's iPad platform.  Given sufficient  demand, others such as Android, may be considered.


Due to the requirements of a high performance and immersive environment, it is recommended that the minimum hardware requirement is an iPad Air.

Older iPads

As long as your hardware satisfies the minimum iOS requirements, it will run, although not optimally.

Older iPads

Although new version of Ipad Minis have sufficient hardware capability to run Virtual Sandtray, their form factor is why we can not recommend their use.


Virtual Sandtray does not collect information beyond what the development environments collects. There are no analytics analyzing your usage added through the code generated by the developer.

Add Models

Navigate to our contact page and fill out a request.  The environment used to develop Virtual Sandtray makes use of a variety of industry standard models formats, so if you have a specific model in mind, include a link in your correspondence.

No pictures or video captures

When you first take a picture, you have to allow Virtual Sandtray to have access to photos. If this step was skipped, you can set it manually. Go to you iPad settings, then choose privacy from the options on the left. In the list of privacy sections to the right, choose 'Photos'. Then make sure Virtual Santray is enabled, ie green.