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Technology In Therapy

Virtual Sandtray is a new product based on the familiar process in physical sandtray therapy. This page presents external links to websites, papers and products that discuss the use of technology in therapy.

Clicking on the below links will navigate away the Virtual Sandtray website and open in a new tab.

  1. The Children’s National Medical Center's use of technology in therapy is discussed in an article found on the Washington Post's website.
  2. The iPad Playroom: A Therapeutic Technique
  3. Why Child Therapists Need To Use Technology In Treatment is an article written by Dr. Randy Kulman, who is the president and founder of LearningWorks for Kids. Browse around the rest of the website to discover more uses of technology in therapy.
  4. CNN has a video titled "Technology Helps Children Heal", which is available on YouTube.
  5. The New York Times has an article titled "Specialists See Tools to Treat Pain in Video Games" available on their website.
  6. A post can be found discussing pain management through technology on the website of Washington DC television station WJLA.
  7. Tobias Isenberg wrote a masters thesis on the use of touch tabletop hardware to create a simulated sandtray. A video demonstration can be found here.
  8. In 2010, a group of computer science innovators teamed up with mental health professionals to look at the merits of a virtual sandtray. The paper found here discusses their findings.
  9. According the their program description on Google Play, in May of 2014 students in the class "Therapy Games for Children" at Academy of Art University wrote a sandtray program for Android tablets.
  10. A Forbes.com article on The Rise Of Digital Technology In Mental Health, written by Tori Utley.