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The development and concept team consists of native English speakers, therefore it is only logical to offer English as the primary language of Virtual Sandtray. Support for the application will be provided in English only for the afformentioned reasons.


Spanish is the second language available in Virtual Sandtray.

Other Languages

The inclusion or exclusion of other languages is not meant to offend anyone. It is not a conscious decision of exclusion, but merely a commitment to excellence issue to provide a quality product first and foremost. If there is a documented need for other languages, we will need assistance of volunteers to help extend the application to other languages. The hard part of offering localization within the application coding environment has been done.

Due to the programming environment used to develop the application supporting only left-to-right languages, the program will not be translated into any right-to-left languages for the foreseeable future.

Desire another language in the application?

If you would like to offer translation services, there could be opportunities to extend the application to more users. Contact the support team if you are interested.