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Hardware Requirements

Apple Tablets

We run three primary tablets for testing the Apple version. The primary one is an iPad Pro with 32GB. The second is an iPad Air2 with 16GB. The third is an iPad Air with 32GB, which is the recommended minimum to enjoy an optimal experience.

iPad minis of any version are not recommended for usability, due to the small format.

Due to the price that iPad Air tablets becoming extremely reasonable, we have ceased testing on older versions of hardware.

Android Tablets

Due to lack of performance and demand, development on Android tablets has been put on hold.

Standard Hardware

From the outset, Virtual Sandtray was written to take advantage of standard hardware available to anyone. Cost and portability considerations ruled out the use of esoteric hardware. It is our intention that you use hardware you likely already own.

Minimum Requirements

The minimum requirement for Apple iPads is Air level or higher. Click on the Apple store link at the upper left to get a definate list of hardware supported.

Future tablets

The tablet market is constantly evolving, so the team is intending on maintaining a reasonable level of hardware that is readily available to people at reasonable prices.

Virtual Reality

The application is also available in Virtual Reality for the HTC Vive and runs on specialized computers.

Testing and Devlopment Hardware

The primary development machine is a PC, as it is most user friendly and powerful. The machine is a laptop with an i7 processor, 32GB of ram, 512MB SSD drive, Nvidia 870M video card and 7200rpm hard drive.

A Macbook Pro with an i5 processor, 256GB SSD and 8MB of ram was used to design and deploy the application.

Three iPads are used in this process. The primary one is an iPad Pro with32GB. Testing is also done with iPad Air and Air2 tablets.