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Advantages of Virtual Sandtray


A tablet based solution for a virtual sandtray presents many advantages over a conventional physical based sandtray.

Familiar Medium

The use of tablet presents many advantages:

  1. The hardware is affordable: you likely already own the required hardware
  2. Portable - not tied down to one location or limited models in a travel tray
  3. Ability to treat clients that can't and/or won't work with a physical tray
  4. The youth of today are attracted and already engaged in the use of tablets

Software Advantages

The use of a software program on a tablet medium allows new features to be used:

  1. Virtual Sandtray allows trays to be saved
    1. A physical sandtray does not allow a tray to be saved for use by the client
    2. A user can reopen a prior session, allowing them to expand and explore
    3. The program has an autosave feature that is enabled by default. The setting is per user, can be enabled/disabled and can be setup to save on 3, 5 and 10 minute intervals. There are five files saved total, with the oldest being discarded.
    4. The therapist can email the saved file to supervisors, professors or anyone as appropriate.
  2. Screenshots can be taken with Virtual Sandtray
    1. What you see on the screen is what gets captured, the controls disappear momentarily
    2. Pictures taken are accessible from the gallery on the device
    3. Pictures can be emailed, whether it be to the client, parents or supervisor
  3. Trays can be shared with colleagues.
  4. Explore the main components of Virtual Sandtray to see more features
    1. Tray
    2. Models
    3. Skybox