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The Virtual Sandtray Application

Virtual Sandtray is a new media interpretation of a physical sandtray. It is a new and exciting way to bring sandtray therapy to places not convenient for a physical sandtray therapy, such as hospitals, disaster areas and travel. There are new opportunities to treat patients, such as those unable to physically access a standard tray, those that are unable to work with sand due to tactile reasons and those that will not work with a traditional sandtray, such as teenagers.  Just a few of the capabilities offered beyond a physical tray are a multitude of models (over 5000), ability to save and send trays, record videos and take screenshots and special effects, such as fire, weather and animation.

Virtual Sandtray is available on Apple's store for iPads.

Virtual Sandtray is available in the primary language of english and also available in spanish.

We also have a version in Virtual Reality that is available for testing. Use the contact form or send an email to support@sandtrayplay.com so we can discuss details.